Little Dark Pieces – Maria McCartan

darkBlurb: Down on her luck Londoner Carly Singleton works as a receptionist for a West End media company. Pretty and affable, she brings a ray of sunshine to the office every day and is well liked by both friends and colleagues. Behind her cheerful exterior however, lurks a deeply troubled woman with a complicated past and a yearning to find her Mr Right.

Determined to quit smoking, Carly seeks help at a Harley Street medical practice where she meets the renowned hypnotherapist Dr Nick Craven. Charming and charismatic, Nick is all that Carly has ever wanted and she can’t control the overwhelming desire he stirs in her. She is certain she’s found her fairytale prince, but Nick Craven has secrets–shocking secrets that threaten to destroy all that Carly holds dear.

Little Dark Pieces is an intensely erotic romance about the price of passion and an all consuming love that tips one woman to the brink. It is a tale that will consume you, obsess you and stay with you long after you have turned the final page.

Please note: This romance contains steamy scenes and is recommended for readers 18+

“Maria McCartan’s Little Dark Pieces is a risqué read. Nick, the leading fanger, is pretty hot” – Babu’s Bookshelf

Review: I received this book from NG and read it in a few hours. Carly meets Nick, a hypnosis, when she signs for his help in giving up cigarettes. The attraction is instant and they begin a relationship. There are some sexy scenes, and Nick is handsome, and charming, but hiding a secret. If you like romance reads involving vampires, you’ll enjoy this.