Long Distance Relationships


So, you’re going to be apart from your partner for a while, and have decided to give the whole ‘long distance relationship’ thing a go. There are many things to be aware of when deciding whether your relationship can last the distance.

It helps if the relationship is strong, obviously. If you trust one another, and love one another, then you will have more chance of succeeding.

You may be apart from each other for a long amount of time and this can be very testing. When communication is limited, you will not know what the other person is up to. If your relationship isn’t strong, or it’s only early dates, and you don’t know that person well, being absent may lead to paranoia and trust issues. You may hate the thought of not knowing where they are, and what they are doing. Your mind may play tricks on you, you could be thinking all sorts of awful scenarios, worrying if you will receive a phone call that it’s too difficult for them, and it’s over.

Or, there may be too much communication. You or your partner may contact one another continuously due to worrying feelings, which can become suffocating and push either one away.

You will need to discuss the rules early on, if the relationship is exclusive and you’re not to see other people, then ensure that this is made clear from the start.

Long distance relationships can be expensive such as internet costs, telephone calls and texts.

Talking to one another via webcam, instant messenger, facetime, perhaps even old-fashioned letters or postcards are the best form of communication.

Don’t forget to use your time apart to also focus on yourselves, whether it’s getting a job, catching up with friends and family, whatever it is, ensure you’re keeping your mind busy.

Overall, push worrying thoughts aside: they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it may do wonders for your relationship.