Luscious Locks


For some, getting hair to grow at the length we want can take months, maybe even years. Perhaps you’ve had a hair-cut and found it didn’t suit you, or you miss how your hair looked before.

Luckily, there are several options to getting luscious locks, whether it be shoulder, or even waist length, curly, or straight in a variety of different colours, to create the illusion of thicker hair. For as little as 60 pounds, and over, you can get the hair you really want – whether it’s by way of hair pieces, clip-on, glued, sewn, or halo hair extensions. The hair can be 100% real human hair, or synthetic, however I strongly advise paying extra and purchasing real hair, as this can be styled with heat appliances, even coloured and blends in naturally with your own hair.

Women have been wearing hair pieces for decades. And to this day, they’re popular amongst celebrities.

Below are the different types of hair fittings, to help you decide which is best suitable for you.

Firstly, there are the clip-in hair pieces. This can be a long, sleek clip-on ponytail, to make any up-do look glamorous. Or perhaps even curls, piled on your head. Or a thick top-knot. These pieces are easy to clip in, and usually come attached to a crocodile clip, or pull-strings.

Secondly, there are standard wigs. Wigs can be brilliant if you fancy a different look every now and then. Perhaps you want to be a blonde one week, and a redhead the next. Or perhaps you just want your hair to appear big, rather than dull and lank. Wigs can be applied by placing on your head, adjusting it neatly to fit your head, and applying bonding glue along the perimeter of your hairline, leaving it to dry, until the wig feels secure.

Thirdly, there are hair extensions. Hair extensions can be glued in. I highly recommend if doing this, it should be done by a professional, and also when removed, (with oil or other removing agent) to prevent any loss of your own hair. Extensions applied by glue feel secure, and can last months.

Another way is to have the micro-ring / loop extensions. The hair extensions aren’t glued to your own hair strands, but rather a small bead / ring to attach the extensions to your hair. Most salons offer this service. They can be removed by bending open the beads. These extensions usually last up to three months.

Another way is to have the extensions sewn in. The extensions are usually threaded through cornrows in your hair. This can last several months.

Clip-in hair extensions are another way of adding volume to your hair, and if you prefer to wear the extensions only now and then, or on special occasions, rather than for long periods of time. These can be individual strands, in all different colours, or they can be full pieces, for the back, sides, and front of your head. The packs usually come in 8 pieces. By sectioning parts of your hair, you clip the extensions in, ensuring that your own hair at the top covers the final line of extensions. These are great for avoiding hair damage, and easy to clip in, and out. They can last several months, maybe even years, if handled with care.

Another type of extension is the halo hair extensions. These are amazing, and do not damage the hair in any way. The hair comes on a thin transparent wire, which is placed on the crown of your hair, and covered by your own hair. These are perfect if you’re always on the go, and want full, healthy looking hair in seconds. These are easy to place on the head, and remove with a gentle tug. And providing you take good care of them, can last forever.

All of the above can be fitted, or purchased in most hair salons, and online, on websites such as – Amazon, Ebay, halo hair extensions website, and more. If you purchase human hair, and the colour doesn’t blend in with your natural colour, a hairdresser should be able to colour, and layer the hair so that it looks as natural as possible. I highly recommend, to keep your own hair unaffected, to use either the wigs, hair pieces, clip-in, or halo extensions.

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