M Never – Moto

neverReview: 5 stars isn’t enough to give this book – I want more!

M Never managed to achieve what most writers wish they could – combine all the elements of a fantastic, entertaining, emotional, suspenseful book into one yet still leave you wanting more.

Dev Dane is sex on legs – a hot, cocky, confident, motorbike riding doctor with women fighting for his attention and what’s more… he has an identical twin!

Kayla is the only one resisting the irresistible Dev… until she can’t any longer. But when sparks fly 5 with not only one of the Dane men, three hearts get tangled and they have to find a way to all get what they want.

This book made me smile and cry and the whole way through I couldn’t decide which brother I wanted Kayla to end up with – the sexy as sin Doctor Dane or his twin brother Reese, hell on wheels the Moto GP rider willing to give Kayla the world