Malorie Verdant – Stars

starsReview: Grayson Waters could possibly be one of my favourite book boyfriends!

Parker was invisible & that was exactly the way she liked it. Hidden in the shadows she observed life rather than participating and it all started because of the boy next door who, when her life fell apart as a child put a smile back on her face with his wild antics in his Spiderman costume.

Grayson could have any woman on campus – for a long time he did. But the first time he encounters Parker in class, something clicks and he can’t stay away.

While Parker battles her own insecurities about the truth coming out, Grayson deals with a family drama that won’t go away and they try and find their path.

The characters in this book were so real, so believable you couldn’t help but to ride the highs and feel the lows with them. Even with his arrogance, Grayson is a good guy always putting others first while Parker tries to put on a brave face even when she doesn’t feel it.

Can’t wait for book 2 (& 3 & 4) or whatever more Malorie has to offer us!