Manchester and Liverpool, UK – 2013.

I went to Manchester for the day to shop, look around and have a meal. I’d been clubbing there before with friends, at Deans Gate which was good. The atmosphere was lively, and the music was the sort of music that you get everywhere. We did however get a taxi to some warehouse-looking club which played Dubstep/more underground type music. It was like a moshpit, but the music was great! (:

So, the shops in Manchester were good. Trafford shopping centre is huge and definitely worth checking out. We ate at Red Hot Buffet which provided Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and English type food. It was delicious! I’m a fussy eater but i liked a lot of things from each counter. The deserts were nice, there were cakes, a chocolate foundation, ice creams etc. Can you tell I love my Food?! LOL. It was a lovely restaurant, spacious, good decor and i’d go again.

It was a good day. It rained which was a bit of a let down, but i’m sure it won’t be my last time visiting Manchester.


I also went to Liverpool to look around the shops. I have been before to watch a boxing match and been clubbing. There are some good places, and again, it’s lively with good music. There are also some nice little bars and restaurants right by the water. You can also go for a boat ride. If you like sightseeing, there are some old buildings, boats and museums to look around.



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