Marrying For Money – Chrissie Manby



Blurb: When the glamorous Grosvenor sisters arrive in the exclusive Hamptons beach town of Little Elbow, they can’t help but cause a stir.
Gorgeous Grace and Charming Charity are soon hot favourites on everybody’s guest-list. Except that of their neighbour, Marcella Hunter. Heiress Marcella doesn’t want the competition and when Grace starts dating Marcella’s ‘Plan B’ man – dull but extraordinarily rich Choate Fitzgerald – the gloves are off. Marcella determines to find out where the sisters really came from. And exactly how they can afford to rent a six-bedroom beach house in this millionaires’ playground.

In the process, however, it’s discovered that quite a few of the people spending that summer in Little Elbow are not exactly what they seem . .

Review: I read this book in a few consecutive days. It’s everything I love in a book – captivating, glamorous, and funny. I liked the twists, and how each chapter ended, making you want to read on. This book was in no way predictable. Enjoyable read, and would defo read more from this author.