Michelle Jo Quinn – Imagines

Michelle1.What is an Imagine?

Imagines are fanfictions told in the second person, where the reader is part of the story. They often feature a public figure like a celebrity or athlete. Imagines are a popular form of online fiction. On Wattpad alone there are over 20,000 imagines you can read for free.

2.Why do people write Imagines?

People love to write about the things they love and obsess over. Often that means celebrities. Imagines are another way fans can connect with celebrities. The fictitious stories usually involve scenarios that most fans dream about like becoming Taylor Swift’s best friend or having Jimmy Fallon invite you to be a guest on his show.

3.Are Imagines legal?

Absolutely. Since celebrities are public figures, Imagines are are considered a form of free speech/expression.

4.What is a Real Person Fiction? 

RPF is typically written about celebrities, athletes, and other public figures. It’s assumed that the writer doesn’t know the subject him/herself, but, rather, is constructing a persona based on their own perceptions.

There’s always distance between a fan and a celebrity. As fans, we rarely know the ‘real’ person, but we can use our imagination (and interviews, news coverage, appearances and interactions) to create a persona as a way to connect with the celebrity.

5,Tell me about the Imagine book releasing on April 26th.

It’s a first-of-its-kind anthology of imagined celebrity encounters starring the reader. The book contains 34 stories written by 33 Wattpad writers – including me! All the stories are written by fans like me so they are positive and flattering to the celebrities. It’s being published by Gallery Books. They’ve also published After by Wattpad’s Anna Todd, Tyler Oakley’s Binge and others.

6.Who did you write about?

The adorable Charlie Hunnam.

7.If you met your imagine in real life how would you react?

I would probably try to act cool and fail miserably.  Hopefully, I’ll faint and he’ll have to carry me off somewhere.

8.What is it you like about your imagine?

I had a great time researching Charlie Hunnam.  I wanted to make sure that he came out in a good light.  From what I’ve read, he’s just an amazing guy and I had fun “imagining” what it’s like spending time with him.

9.Can you tell us how being part of the imagine anthology came about?

I take part in the Wattpad Stars program.  Wattpad reached out to us all and had us pitch an imagine plots.  Luckily, they liked mine and picked it for this anthology.