Moving House, Boxing Shows and Gossip Girl! – 2014.

Wow! How fast has the winter gone? The time has completely flown by! So, since December I’ve been either working on my projects, writing for the newspaper, or going out.

Recently, I went to a boxing show, which I enjoyed. The last show I went to was David Hayes in Liverpool. The atmosphere was class. I especially love the part when the boxers come out to an Intro song – exciting!

I also went out for tapas and cocktails for the newspaper editors birthday at La Cava, which was fun. I finally got to meet some of the other writers, and they were all SO lovely. The majority of them were from England and it was nice to hear about where they were originally from, and what brought them to Spain.

Another night I went for Pintxos and wine with my boyfriend and friends. We checked out a few bars. The Pintxos were yummy! Every Thurs in March it’s tradition amongst the Spanish to serve Pintxos, some places even do it every Thurs all year round. It’s basically a large variety of small portion food. I had the following on French bread: cheese stuffed peppers, chicken grilled, chicken breadcrumbed, smoked cheese, and other foods.

Me and my other half also spent one sunny day strolling around town. We stopped for a coffee and cake. Can’t resist a cake, me! :p

Other than going out, catching up with friends, writing and watching movies, guess what? We moved into a villa! Our very own private villa with garden, BBQ and sunbathing patio. It’s beautiful! Finally finished the last decorative touches. The colour scheme is silver / grey, even the garden table matches. The corner sofa is comfy and where I spend most mornings watching TV and writing. Oh, and the power shower behind a wall is amazing! The cat also loves the garden, can’t get enough of it. And the neighbors have three cute cats, adorable! 

The weathers picking up. I had two hours sunbathing time in the garden a few days ago. Looking forward to the forty degrees hitting! ☀️☀️

Anyways, check back for updates on my life, book reviews, author interviews, fashion, beauty, films and more! Also my weekly newspaper articles.

And one last thing, did I mention I’ve just started watching Gossip Girl and am HOOKED! I’m watching episode after episode! Why I didn’t watch this sooner I don’t know. I love Blake Lively (Serena) and (Chuck Bass) so if anyone wants to talk #GossipGirl with me, comment below 😀 🙂


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