secret1Review: This book was so sweet and innocent you can’t be help but to smile as you read Ashelyn’s words.

Our Little Secret is the story about first love. We’ve all been there and know exactly what it feels exactly what it feels like to be swept away in the innocent romance. When Becca has a secret crush on her best friends twin brother, Toby, she knows that no good can come of this. But she can’t help the way she feels and when she fails her exams Toby is recruited to tutor her.

Spending way too many hours unsupervised together, Becca can no longer hide her crush, especially when Toby returns the sentiment.

As the budding romance blossoms so does Becca’s fears and insecurities of what will happen when her best friend Tori inevitably finds out the truth.

Ashelyn has done a magnificent job of capturing the fresh face innocence of first love and first heart break.