Paradise – Katie Price

kp3Blurb: Paradise by Rebecca Farnworth – When glamorous model Angel was forced to make a life-changing decision and choose between a Ethan, the laid-back Californian baseball player, and giving her marriage to football star Cal another go, many were stunned when she picked Ethan. But life in LA is good: Ethan adores her and Honey and their life could not be more glamorous. But nothing is perfect, and after a year together problems are beginning to surface: a stalker seems to have singled out Angel; Ethan’s agent Benny despises her, and isn’t always good at hiding it; and when Ethan faces financial ruin the couple are forced to star in a reality tv show about their life together. Despite everything, though, Angel is convinced that Ethan is the man for her. So why does she alwasy feel breathless when Cal is around? And why can’t she stop thinking about him and his new girlfriend? But as the tabloid headlines have always been quick to point out, the path of true love for our sexy celebrity has not always been smooth. So when her dad falls dangerously ill Angel rushes back to England to be by his bedside, throwing her and Cal back together. But Ethan loves her and Cal has a girlfriend, and she made her choice a year ago. It’s too late to go back now, isn’t it?

Review: A fun, guilty beach read. I love the directness of the books, and the main character is likeable faced with realistic dilemmas that you could see yourself in. The storytelling is down to the point, feisty and engaging. These books never disappoint! I will post a review on Crystal once read. I also suspect that Rebecca Farnworth’s new novel Swimming Pool Summer will be just as good.