Partying, Reggae Beach and Writing – 2013.

I’ve had quite a busy week. The majority of it spend sunbathing, partying and writing (:

So, I chilled at Pinet Playa, the reggae reggae beach which is one of my favourites! The music was playing, the sun blaring and it was so relaxing.

I also went to Privilege and Eden. Eden has recently been taken over by new owners so has been refurbished. It looks amazing! Two VIP sections, interior leather, lights everywhere, about 400 bottles of Grey Goose decorating the bar, a new Dj platform and brill sound system. I love the new décor!

On the writing front, I’ve been doing loads! Lack of sleep and headaches are not good. I have finally finished editing, and think I’m done. I have also started to change the design on my website. I have researched so much the past few months, and i mean so much. I just hope the past 5 months of constant writing pays off and that it gets published. Fingers crossed for me, guys!

I hear England has been sunny also, so i hope that you have all been taking advantage of it. Also, wherever the rest of you are in the world, I hope you’ve had some sunshine too.




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