Plastic Paradise – Carlie Pettitt

Blurb: Victoria is broken, lost and neglected. Her philandering older husband, Ralph, has spiralled out of control. The multimillionaire tycoon is on a journey of self-destruction, destroying everything in his way.

Ultra-cool Kim doesn’t do love – until she meets Omar. But her unconventional arrangement and a dark secret, turns her world upside down.

James is naive, and too nice for his own good. Married to the neurotic and psychopathic Amanda, who will stop at nothing to satisfy her desire to destroy Victoria, taking all that she has.

From mansions in Wimbledon Village, exclusive parties in Mayfair, to penthouses in Knightsbridge and first class travel across the world. Matches sizzles with passion, jealousy, greed, betrayal, sexual hedonism and secrets. Dramatic events rock their moral compasses. Explosive living leaves many wounded. Their decisions and actions will dictate who can forgive and who will get out alive.

Review: I purchased this e-book on Amazon. Carlie seems like a lovely person, and it has been great following her self-pub writing journey. I read the book in a few consecutive days. A great first book. The characters lifestyles, and emotions are explained in depth. The reader gets to read both the good and the bad side of each character, keeping you guessing what will happen, and how they develop throughout the story. The book ends on a cliffhanger, to which Carlie is releasing a sequel. If you enjoy drama, diva attitudes and the lives of the upper class of Wimbledon, then this is for you.