Pool Fun and Writing – 2013.

Lately in Ibiza I’ve seriously been getting my tan on! Sunbathing by the pool & family resort pools, making me a lil broody, sssh! Also, decided to be a big kid & slide down the slide onto some blow up lilo’s, sometimes landing on them & sometimes falling, did a somersault in the water & attempted a dive, which was awful! I really cannot dive to save my life!

I partied at Es Paradis. It was a drum & bass night, and have eaten out at some lovely restaurants.

On the writing front, I spent 7 hours today editing! && I am done! I may have said this before but I mean it this time. All 338 pages and 99,720 words complete! Sooo happy ATM. Just need to print it and re-check it all, yaaaawn.

My book collection is also coming along nicely. Yay!

Hope everyone is having as productive day/night as moi. And pleeeease if you’re not already doing so, follow me! Just click follow, all you need to do is add your email address.



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