Pro’s & Cons Of Dating Someone Younger


There are many advantages and disadvantages to dating a younger person. Before considering it, ensure that you have considered a relationship with a younger person in depth before either of you end up wasting your time.

Dating and being seen as attractive to a younger man / woman may do wonders for your self esteem. You may feel young again being able to relive your youthful days socialising with those younger than you, your sex life may be better than ever, them perhaps having a high sex drive. Due to their age, they probably won’t have any baggage etc. You may feel protected by them, especially men, who are likely to handle themselves. Due to experience and age, they may be impressed by your knowledge which is another ego boost.

However, there are also the bad points. They may be too immature at times, you may not have much in common. You may live in fear that they will replace you. You could be fooling yourself by clinging onto your youth. They may be less experienced. At times you may feel more like their teacher or parent than their partner. You may be judged by friends and family assuming that you can’t get a man / woman your own age, (unfortunately we do live in a judgemental world.) As they are so young, it might be just a phase for them, they may be unwilling to commit to a serious relationship. They may not be as sensible or secure in life as you are, which could be costly for you.

Although, they do say: age is nothing but a number. And if it makes you happy, do you care what other people think?