Read About: Diving Into Him – Elizabeth Barone!

Diving Into Him (South of Forever, Book 1), by Elizabeth Barone

He would do anything for her. She would do anything to avoid him—and her past.Jett Costa has lost everything: her band, herself, and a second chance at love. She escapes to Boston—running away from her old life and bitter ex-band members. Starting from scratch isn’t easy, especially when her ex-boyfriend Koty Jackson is tagging along.

On the outside, Koty is content to play the supportive best friend, but Jett starts to wonder if he is still in love with her. If she lets herself love him back, though, she may just crash and burn again. Jett is determined to focus on her new band. She just has to keep her hands off of Koty and ignore the sizzling sparks that fly between them every time they play together.
Diving Into Him is the first book in the South of Forever series, a steamy contemporary New Adult romance that will rock both college-aged and adult readers alike.
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