Rock Chick -Kristen Ashley

Blurb: Indy Savage is a former wild child (okay, maybe not so “former”) and current used bookstore owner. Lee Nightingale is a former bad boy and now runs a private investigation service. Toss together a quiet barista with a not-so-lawful side-business, a crazy Vietnam Vet, a pothead, a drag queen, family and friends who will not mind their own business, a few stun guns and a bag of diamonds, and mix them all up with some shootings, a high speed chase and car bombs exploding, then hang on for your first wild Rock Chick ride.

Review: It’s Lee Nightingale!!

Lee and Indy. Since I kind of butchered things and read KA’s stuff out of order, I have seen these two around. Nothing could have prepared me for the hot alphaness that is Lee Nightingale.

I’m committed. It’s official. It just has to say ” by Kristen Ashley” and I’m buying/reading it.