Romania 2 – 2013.

So, I went to Bran Castle (Dracula’s castle), he wasn’t a blood sucker, total myth, however he was a criminal and did have a torture room in his castle! The view was sooo nice! It was lovely to look around. Also, purchased some souvenirs from the little markets and had a photo with a monkey.

I visited a nice restaurant. There were stuffed animals, fur rugs on the wall and people singing, playing bass and air piano. The Romanians really do love their meat, everything on the menu was meat! Really good food though.

I also went to a house/museum where an author lived, the zoo and had a BBQ in the park. The week also consisted of shopping (: I went to the cinemas and watched Meet The Millers, and I went to the casino. I played 2.50e and won 70e! It lasted me two hours, so proud! Never won anything before!

My trip was brill and squashed rumours about Romania being just poor. There are many lovely modern places, especially Bucharest and Brasov. The scenery, mountains, fields, trees, mansions etc are beautiful!

Oh and guess what, in Romania if you order a hot chocolate, you don’t drink it, you eat it with a spoon as it’s so thick!

Had to fly to Milan to get back to Ibiza. Couldn’t stay to explore but hope to one day. Now, I’m back in Ibiza in the sunshine and loving it. Have met my friend that came for 4 days on a holiday, so went to a bar and had an awful shot of Absinthe!

Also visited Ibiza town with my other friend who lives out here. Happy days!




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