Romania – 2013.

I’m in Romania for 9 days! (: Love experiencing different parts of the world and sighseeing. I expected it to be poorly maintained due to the comments i had heard, however there are a lot of lovely, modern parts! Buildings, clubs, the shopping centre, casino’s, cinemas, hotels etc. There is even a Zara, New Look, H&M and my fave, Pizza Hut! πŸ˜€

There are some parts where the maintenance is poor and the buildings/roads/houses could do with some work, but I suppose you can get that everywhere. Have also witnessed a horse and carriage,Β how crazy is that?!

The wages for some people is as small as Β£200 a month, however managers/those who have their own business etc can earn Β£1,000 a month at least.

There is a lot to see in terms of scenery and buildings. The mountains stretch out for miles, there’s so many trees, its like being in the Twilight movie! We went up the mountains in a cable car and were above the clouds!! Beautiful!The Romanian Music Awards were being held in Brasov. Some of my fave acts are Romanian, singers: Inna, Alexandra Stan, Dan Balan, Ana Adam, Alex Mica, Antonia etc..

So anyways, I went shopping yesterday, was treated to a new dress, leather jacket, boots, scarf, PJ’s, leggings and a top. My other half is a sweetheart (: Also had some pampering time getting my nails done. Correction: my nails sandpapered down and cuticles scrubbed until bled with added nail polish remover in the cut, ouch! Felt like torture. Does anybody else have a problem with getting their nails done or is it just me that goes through hell when getting them done professionally?! If the end result wasn’t lovely, i would’ve cried! Lol!

Tomorrow i am visiting Bran Castle, yep, Dracula’s actual Castle. Will be staying in a hotel in the mountains so should be fun!

Here are a few pics of Romania so far.




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