Roscoe T Kearns

13059298_1609574236031402_475207217_nBio: I’m an indi author and my books called Second Chance to Live and is available on Amazon. So where did it all begin. I first got the bug to write after penning a memoire book for my family, about growing up in Liverpool in the 1970’s. The games we played, the knock and bruises and the socio/political changes. Times were tough but we somehow survived.

I then felt inspired to write more, encouraged by people who had read my book and so I challenged myself to write my novel. I’m currently writing the sequel to Second Chance to Live. I have a working title in mind, Life if for Living and my book is mainly set in Syria and involves my female protagonist being abducted by IS.

1.Thanks for taking part in the interview! Can you please tell us a bit about what you do? I live in the United Kingdom, in the city of Liverpool (a stones throw away from where the Beatles first met). I’ recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of my 30th birthday!! I turned 50 a few weeks back (where did the years go), I’m married and I have two boys aged 15 and 21.

Writing is a hobby for me, a need to escape into another world and I have a fertile imagination. During the day I work as a child protection social worker manager and I do love my job but it is very stressful as you can imagine.

Writing helps me relax and my other interests include music/gigs, golf and badminton (but in no particular order). I’m far too competitive for my own good and I believe in positivity and fate. What will be will be. Guess that’s it.

Several readers said they were moved to tears and I’ve also been told the book would make a great film. I am therefore working with a screenwriter in the hope my book gets picked up by a production company and we are nearly at the marketing stage.

The screenwriter is particularly impressed with the female character; she is a strong, confident woman, who survived the Twin Towers. The book does have some erotic scenes but is much more than an erotic book; it has romance, action, suspense and above all, a positive book about fate and destiny. Lots of twist and turns….

2.Where did you learn such a skill to do this type of stuff? (Self-taught / college / a degree etc.) All self taught to be honest. Often wondered if I should attend college but I just don’t have the time.

3.How long have you been doing it for? For about three years, I’m a slow writer due to being busy with work, so I write when I’m on leave or at the weekend when I’m not playing golf or badminton or family stuff.

4.What’s the highlight of what you do? I love hearing from people who have read my book and especially when they post positive reviews. I’m ok with negative reviews but thankfully (and touching my wooden desk) I have yet to hear a bad review of my book.

5.What’s the downfall in what you do? The market is so busy and there are so many wonderful authors out there. So it’s hard to sell and you have to have a good marketing strategy. I’m really pants at that and every now and again I will post in book clubs to try and peddle my book.

It’s frustrating as well. Writing takes so much out of me so to be appreciated is a real head buzz and makes it all feel worthwhile. I see writing a book as a pregnancy (sorry if that offends females being a man), I say that because it’s nine months of pain, lots of morning sickness, can be uncomfortable at times but once done, the joy is overwhelming and its great to see your book grow and grow….

6.Do you have any tips or advice for anyone wanting to get started with this sort of creative role? Just do it and approach this as a personal adventure and not a money making project. Let lose the creative in you and enjoy.

And like I said post on social media sites and network with people. Bloggers and reviewers are very helpful but sometimes people just want a free book so be wary of that. Get to know people I guess.

7.Can you tell us what a day in the life is like in respect of this role? Like I said, I don’t write every day, I just don’t have the time. Perhaps one day when I retire to Cornwall in a cottage on the side of a mountain looking out to sea (that cottage is in my book), then I will write more.

8.If you provide services, can you please advise where the best place to contact you is, and what services you offer? I don’t provide services but happy to help people, so friend me on Facebook if you want to chat.

Roscoe T Kearns