Shades Of Sydney – Brittney Coon

4b55f-shades2bof2bsydney2bmain2bcoverReview: Sydney has issues. No doubt about it. After watching her parent’s relationship crash and burn spectacularly, Sydney doesn’t believe in love or relationships or seemingly a happy ever after. Instead she lives her life one summer at a time. One one-night stand at a time.

When she spends the summer with her best friend at her grandmother’s beach house she meets Jason – a carefree, relaxed and outwardly stable surfer and it doesn’t take long for him to get under her skin, tipping the world as Sydney knows it and everything she believes in on its head.

As Jason starts to break down the walls Sydney’s built around her heart Sydney begins to wonder can she really do this. Be in a relationship. Be happy. But summer is coming to an end too soon and it’s time for Sydney to head home.

The most refreshing thing for me was, this time it was the girl with issues struggling to overcome them, while the good guy was the stable, guiding hand she needed.

A good summer beach read for someone looking for light hearted entertainment. It did leave me hanging though, wondering if Jason and Sydney can make it. Looking forward to book 2!