Shopaholic Abroad – Recent Buys


I purchased some gorgeous bikinis at La Sirena. There are so many different types of bikinis, that I couldn’t resist. From brightly coloured bikinis, fringed, patterned, halter-neck, strapless, padded, underwired and more.

I got three fringed bikinis in black, blue and light green.


There is also a new shop in San Antonio, just near the egg, which I had a browse in. It sells a huge range of pretty accessories, from bracelets – ankle and wrist, necklaces, rings and more. There are also purses, handbags, and clothes.

The prices are also reasonable.




Another place that sells a huge selection of swimwear is Decathlon, not far from Eivissa town. Bikinis here can cost as little as 10 euros per set. There is also a huge selection of sports wear, men, women, and children, exercise equipment, trainers, tents, swimming pools, the lot.

Oh, and I also purchased a swimming pool from there. Prices are as little as twenty euro’s to over a grand.



Decathlon is easily one of my favourite shops. You can also shop online at: