Shopaholic Abroad



Shopaholic abroad? Yep, that’s me! If it’s one thing I love, it’s shopping! And what better way to talk fashion, clothes, fave shops and recommended buys than diarising my shopping trips. Each week, I will share my latest splurges, amazing offers, discounts and photographs of stunning items.

This week, I had a browse in San Antonio. San Antonio has some lovely little boutiques, larger stores such as La Sirena, El Coral Sports & Chic, brand shops such as Pacha, Space, Ibiza Rocks and more, shoe shops, cosmetic stores, and stalls to pick up some unique little pieces.

I purchased some gorgeous shoes in a shop on the strip called Ibiza Smiles. They’re black suede platforms, with white rubber soles. And they’re so comfy! I hate the pain of wearing heels bring, but these don’t hurt one bit, which I also find with wedges, which are my fave to party in.

I also purchased a matching handbag from La Sirena, which comes with different straps, so it can be held as a clutch, around your wrist, or as a shoulder-bag.


I also picked up a lovely little bracelet in one of the tourist shops. I love anything that symbolises things, such as Elephants representing good luck, crystals / gemstones for healing, and The Hand Of Fatima / Hamsa Hand as protection against the evil eye. The bracelets can be purchased in many stores and stalls in Ibiza, and come in different colours and styles. I also bought my sister one of the bracelets, with a pretty little Ibiza jewellery box, which I got from a souvenir shop.


I also got a new eye-brow pencil from the new Mercadona. And the reason I’m raving about this is because it’s brilliant! It’s an angled pencil, and amazing for getting that perfect arched brow. And I’ve tried lots of eye-brow pencils, shadows and cream based ones, but now, I’d never go back.


Here are some more photographs of some of the lovely shoes, and handbags that you can also find in the Ibiza Smiles shop.

shoe1 shoe2 shoe3

Check back for the next Shop Of The Week.