Shopping, Eating Out, Relaxing – 2013.

Lately in Ibiza…. The streets are so much quieter without the tourists roaming round. There are only a few Spanish bars open on the weekend, as far as nightlife goes. Most of the restaurants and cafes are still open, my fave being the ones with a seafront view (:

The last couple of weeks I have been either relaxing, shopping, eating out or spending time with the other half. We went for a nice hot chocolate in a cafe called Rita’s which has been refurbished. It looks lovely inside and is a great place to just people-watch, meet with friends etc.

We also ate out at Hollywood Restaurant, which is one of my fave restaurants in Ibiza town. The food is delicious, and the puddings are even better. I went to the villa again for a BBQ and a birthday celebration at a house. The food was gorgeous! Not to mention chocolate birthday cake.

My other half bought me a new dress, a couple of tops and some fashionable midi rings. My style icons are Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian. They look amazing 99% of the time. If only I had their money :p

We also viewed another apartment to rent, out of curiosity, and to consider it if the price was okay. I fell IN LOVE! It was gorgeous! Everything was brand new and modern and the shower was behind a wall, it was so nice. Unfortunately, a couple had viewed it before us, and moved in. Gutted!

As far as writing goes, i have finished my story (: Very pleased with it. Have printed the 300+ pages, the red pen is out & now its time for edits! :/ (The worst part for me.) My other story has been returned from the editor, so I also need to make changes to that. I can’t wait to see her notes. She told me not to be so descriptive as it could lose the readers attention. There was me thinking i hadn’t been descriptive enough! Lol. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Alison Jack. Please check out her book, Dory’s Avengers!

I’ve been reading a fair bit, as usual, and watching films. I rarely ever cry at films, however Hachi – A dogs story had me crying!! It’s sooo sweet & emotional. Also, the fact that it’s a true story. I highly recommend it.



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