Shopping, Parties and Writing – 2014.

Apart from writing, I have been shopping, partying, watching the sunset, eating too much cake, and visiting beaches.

Today, I visited Ibiza town to do a bit of shopping. Ibiza town has some really great shops. The brand shops that you probably know of are Zara, Superdry, Mac, Claire’s Accessories, The Body Shop and Pull & Bear. I would tell you about all of the other stores, however you may not have heard of them, but anyways, there are some brill shops. Ibiza town is also beautiful in itself. The high castle which provides the best view ever is a must-see, Vara Del Rey with its quaint little restaurants, cafes and cake shops, the lovely port and the parks make a great day out.


I also visited San Jose, which is a lovely little town, and Cala Tarida. I don’t think I could ever get bored of the stunning green landscapes of Ibiza that stretch out for miles. On a sunny day, it’s especially nice to go for a long drive to a beach out of the way. Although, we did visit Cala Salada beach the other day, and I did not know that nudists sunbathed there! So, to my suprise, I walked down some steps just past the rocks and came face to face with a naked man in his forties sunbathing! I found it hilarious and embarrassing. I’m not against nudists at all, I get why people like the freedom and no tan lines, even better, but when it’s unexpected, it certainly suprises you! There’s quite a few nudist beaches in Ibiza. I visited Aguas Blancas for a nice mud bath last year, and hadn’t realised that was also a nudist beach. I can confirm that i defo kept my bikini on! LOL.



Other than strolls on the beach, watching the stunning sunset, a wonder round the shops, buying more books, and writing, I went to a christening party which was nice. The food was so good!

The summer is here! Season 2014 is here! It’s not long until the Ibiza workers and tourists come flooding in. The island will be a crazy, loud party island once more. Not that I mind, as it’s extremely fun in the summer, and where we live, it’s still quiet-ish. I am excited to see what this summer will bring. I have also attended three interviews in respect of a job, so fingers crossed!

Oh, and upon reading the Ibiza Sun newspapaper today, it states that according to Tripadvisor in their 2014 traveller’s choice awards, Formentera has been voted the 7th best beach in the world – ‘a refuge for hippies, clubbed out Ibiza veterans, Italian tourists by the boatload and the occasional supermodel’ (Kate Moss btw.) I’m looking forward to visiting it this year! And Calla Bassa has been voted the 7th best beach in Spain, another of my fave beaches on this island.

Keep posted, as over the summer I will have LOTS of gossip, news, and photographs regarding Ibiza! Do you have any summer holidays booked for this year? I’d love to know. 


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