Should You Get Back With An Ex?


You’re recently been dumped, or have dumped someone. What if there’s a chance for reconciliation. Should you take it? There are many pros and cons to getting back with an ex.

Your partner may apologise to you over and over, shower you with flowers, promise you that it will be different the second time around etc. Confusion may overcome you, and you just don’t know what to do.

Remind yourself why you split up in the first place. If it was a major issue that involved infidelity, violence etc, can you be certain it won’t happen again? Will the relationship be good for only a matter of weeks, then return to having issues, the same arguments, the same problems that arose before? Communication is key.

You need to make sure that you’re not returning to an ex due to familiarity, desperation or fear of moving on. It needs to be for the right reasons.

The relationship might not be the same the second time around. If you still bear a grudge and feel resentment towards them, don’t take them back. You’ll endure nothing but arguments. You need to be absolutely ready to let things go.

However, getting back together may be the right thing. First you must give one another some time to be alone, so you can both think about what you really want. If you think about that person every single day, and they truly are remorseful and willing to change, who says that they can’t?

Ensure that your feelings are genuine towards them, and not due to missing being in a relationship.

Talk to your friends and family; and see if they support the idea. Often, people can see what we can’t; they do say love is blind.

If you’re still unsure, maybe a trial run for a certain period of time to see how you get on may help. Who knows, it may even strengthen the relationship.