Son Of Sam – Ian Lowell


sam2Blurb: A card-carrying member of the free-spirited Greenwich Village counterculture, Lowell’s photographic memory and attention to detail makes for a fascinatingly fresh perspective on the major events of the 1960s, from JFK to Motown to Jimi. Son of Sam Was My Catcher and Other Bronx Tales is alive with the rapid-beating pulse of that decade. A rich kaleidoscope of little-known facts, outrageous opinion and dubious hearsay, this must-read memoir is entertaining, enlightening and essential reading for any history or music buff.

Review: This book was extremely insightful, interesting and entertaining. It delved into the history of the sixties / early seventies discussing: the bronx, Kennedy’s assassination, the racial divide, music – and how its progressed, and influenced people, especially rock & roll, & pop. And in particular Motown, which everybody, regardless of race, loved. It also discusses the Vietnamese war, my Lai massacre, US army soldiers slaughtering Vietnames civilians, infants killed, the devastating treatment of women, and the heartbreaking tale – and the fact that these soldiers were praised for doing their duties, whilst the true heroes were overlooked. The story details war, the soldiers experiences, how they watched their friends die, and the affect it had on them. Martin Luther Kings murder was also heart wrenching to read, killed by a racist. And of course, about the son of Sam, the killer. The book is packed with historical events, and history of music over time. Great read!