Space, Ibiza Rocks, Shopping – 2013.

Hiiii everyone! Hope you are well! Back to inform you all on life in Ibiza.

Lately, I’ve been partying as well as working very hard! Went to the nightclub, Space in Playa d’en Bossa which was so much fun, then had a drink with my girl mate at Ibiza Rocks bar one evening, & attended a friends BBQ held at a villa, jerk chicken & rice, yummy! Also went shopping at Gorilla Market in the Bay & Ibiza Town where my other half bought me some gorgeous clothes & some lush shoes.

It’s been a bit cloudy at the moment but nice enough to sunbathe. I desperately want to sunbathe at the villa again though, it’s so peaceful & beautiful. Had a BBQ there last week also with the other half’s family. Was a lovely day.

Other than enjoying life in Ibiza, i have been working seriously hard!! Writing, typing, researching, reading, studying, you name it! My back is in complete agony from writing every night! My best friend at the moment is my memory stick, sad but true, i take it everywhere!

Have also updated my website which I think looks cool, so comment if you want the address (: Working on a new project regarding my latest novel also. Oh & I purchased a load more books! Can’t get enough :p

Hope everyone is happy & remember: ‘if you’re not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time’ – Will Smith



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