Summer again: Sunbathing, Eating out, BBQ’s! – 2015.

Hey everyone. I’m extremely pleased that it’s now officially summer here. It’s hot! So, lots of sunbathing for me. Already have a suntan and it’s only the start of April πŸ™‚


So, lately, we’ve been having quite a few BBQ’s at the villa. I love BBQ food. We’ve been spending time with friends. Have also been out for a few coffees overlooking the port / beach. Me and my other half also went to a lovely restaurant out in Santa Eularia, which is about half an hour drive away. It’s a lovely little town, not too touristy. We ate at an Indian restaurant called Kathmandu, the chef is from Nepal, and the food was amazing! Will definitely be going there again. And Santa Eularia looks gorgeous all lit up at night.



I have also started another blog, relating to just fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and it covers a lot of what I write about in my newspaper articles. My blog is called Sincerely Sophia. I am pleased to note that my blog is also advertised in the paper, as a signature under each weekly article. I post everything beauty related, whether it’s tried and tested products, latest trends, make-up tips and tricks, fitness and diet pieces, and more! You can also read my full articles on the blog. Hope you like the layout, I just need the Louboutins to go with it now! πŸ˜€ Feel free to check it out at:

Β http://www.sincerelysophiav.wordpress.comΒ 



So, other than sunbathing, doing daily chores, writing, and reading, I am still watching Gossip Girl. I’m on season 4 and just absolutely love this show! It’s addictive!

Oh, and I’m looking forward to May when the tourists come flooding in, and all of the bars, clubs and restaurants open. I’m sure it’ll be another manic season, until another chilled out winter is upon us.

Check back for more updates, and my antics!


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