Sunbathing and Writing – 2013.

I am sooo glad to be back in the sunshine! I definitely missed it! I have sunbathed by the pool and beach for the past two days. It’s hard maintaining a suntan! If I miss a few days of sun, my tan goes! It’s not fair :/ The weather has been lovely though πŸ˜€

I do miss seeing the beautiful scenery of Romania, however Ibiza has some amazing scenery too! Lots of grassy hills/mountains, Es Vedra, the lovely fields, several beaches, clear sands, water and sunset! It is so relaxed here. Well, if you actually live here and not an Ibiza worker doing the Season which is just manic, like my last year was!

I have been for a coffee overlooking the beach in Ibiza Town, caught up with friends and done a bit of shopping.

My other half treated me to a new writing desk, chair, iPod and docking station. I have wanted a nice desk (like the one at home in my bedroom in England) for ages, now I have one. I’m super organised and my writing flows better if I’m in the right environment. I love it. Have also purchased some MORE books! Even though i haven’t yet read all the ones I have. I just cant help myself. I have the new book: Revenge Wears prada.

Oh and i have just started another new story which i think girls/women will LOVE! I won’t give too much away but it’s full of gossip and talks about men, relationships, the pain of them and revenge. A total kick-ass-girly-read.

My other story has been sent to an Editor, Alison Jack, so I can’t wait to have it returned.



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