Sunbathing, Shopping and Writing – 2013.

Ibiza is as still as hot as ever and beautiful. Apart from the usual sunbathing by the pool and beach, I went browsing in the centre of San An where the markets were. There were several markets selling pretty hand crafted jewellery, bags, ornaments, souvenirs, and everything was pirate-themed, the sellers dressed as pirates and the décor. There was a big BBQ and some entertainment. I saw an entertainer dressed up as a mermaid and some as avatars. Really cool costumes.

As I have said before, the Spanish are so traditional and do love a good celebration. Last month it was the gladiators/rhaving a war on the beach throwing thousands of tomatoes at one another. At Christmas the three kings came on a sleigh throwing out sweets to the children, and in the middle of the year there was a huge parade with Spanish residents dressed up and singing. There were cheerleaders, animals, gladiators performing to the opera song from the film gladiator, there were even children performing. It’s so nice to watch and be a part of these gatherings.

Where are you from? And do you have any traditions there? I’d love to know.

Anyways, apart from being a lady of leisure, i have written loads! I am half way through my girly kick-ass story and should have my first story returned from my editor at the end of October. Excited!!

I purchased some more books, my fave being a Jackie Collins novel.

The season is coming to an end. There are only a handful of hotels open near me. The clubs are holding their ‘closing parties’ and the West End strip is getting quieter and quieter. Come October and it will all be over. However, Ibiza still has things going on in the winter so i will keep you updated.

I have had a fantastic season visiting Santa Eularia, San Jose, Eivissa Town, Portinax, partying at Eden, Es Paradis, Privilege, Space, Sankeys, Ocean Beach Club, Santos Beach Club, sunbathing at the villa, boat party, eating at BBQ’s/ lovely restaurants, watching the sunset at Cafe Del Mar/Buddha Bar/Kumharas and not to mention spending time with my friends and family here.

Also, my trip to England back home and visiting Manchester and Liverpool. Not to forget, Romania.

I’m hoping to check out Barcelona, Madrid and hopefully Formentera in the future. I have had a brilliant year! (:

I think it will be my first Christmas away from home 😦 I’m a bit sad about it but flights are extremely expensive. I will ensure that its still a special day though. Nothing quite like Christmas decorations, the tree, Christmas music and dinner.

Here are some photo’s.



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