Sunlounger – Over 30 different authors!



Review I’ve read some of Belinda Jones books before, and always remembered Divas Las Vegas which was a brilliant read.  I picked up Love Academy from the British supermarket here the other day, which I’m looking forward to reading. So, Sunlounger is an eBook packed with short stories set in idyllic places from several different authors, (many of which are my fave!) The website looks fantastic, and sure gets you in that holiday-mood! It gives you the option of clicking on whichever destination in the world you fancy reading about, to an interview of the author having wrote a story set there.  You will find authors such as: Belinda Jones (herself), Talli Roland, Chris Manby, Anna Lou Weatherley, Victoria Fox, Katie Agnew, Lucy Robinson and so many more! Each short story is the perfect beach read, pure escapism! I highly recommend this book, you will not be disappointment! 😀 Be warned – when you read about the destinations, you will probably want to go and visit them!! I want to go to them ALL! 😥