Sunsets, Cocktails and Writing – 2013.

Lately in Ibiza, life has been good. I’ve been sunbathing more, went to Cala Comte beach,  sunbathed by the residential pool, a rooftop pool, and other than soaking up the sun, I’ve enjoyed cocktails in Ibiza town, cocktails at Mambo’s/Cafe Del Mar watching the sunset and have been reading an awful lot!

I am also ecstatic as I have a wristband granting me free entrance to Ushuaia every Sat, Sankeys every Sat, Privilege every Tues, Santos Beach Club every Sunday and Es Paradis! Also Ocean Beach Club daily! woo hooo! Such a happy chica, so my blog should be full of my partying antics.

So, apart from ‘living the dream’ I have been writing sooo much! I have been editing my story. Such a ball ache! I have worked so hard on it every night for hours. Reading the same story for days and nights has given me a headache. I will post ‘selected paragraphs’ from my material in due course.

I have also started another story, a different genre from the first and I’m 150 pages in so far.




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