Swimwear Style To Suit You


Sometimes going shopping for swimwear isn’t as easy as grabbing the first thing you see on the rack. And sometimes stripping off on a packed beach, or pool can be daunting for some. It doesn’t have to be this way, if you find the style of swimwear that suits you, and flatters your frame. What suits one person may not necessarily suit another, and women do come in all different shapes and sizes. Despair not, as I will list all the different types of swimwear to get you glowing on the beach, and embracing your body.

Bustier bikini sets are great for those who don’t feel that the stomach area is their most flattering body part. And perhaps they want to enhance their bust. Either way, bustier sets look sexy, and so 70’s, especially if you wear polka dot. Although black is one of my favourite colours, and creates the slimming affect.

You can even get two-piece swimwear in the form of vests, and shorts, which look just as good.

If you have a small bust, bikini tops will a lot of detail will draw to this area – anything with patterns, frills, accessories. Horizontal and vertical stripes create the illusion of a fuller bust, as do the bottoms, for a fuller behind, Kim K style. Swimwear can also come padded; to give you that extra lift. Polka dot, floral, patterned and bright are best.

If you have a big bust, plain bikinis will draw less attention to this area. Again, padded or underwire bikini tops can give you the support you need. Tankini’s are great for not exposing any cleavage. And so are costumes, or high neck two pieces. If however you want to flaunt what God gave you, and get that bust on show, halter neck tops will do this.

Athletic body shapes should opt for more girly glamorous looking bikinis, pretty bright colours, and frills. Halter neck tops also balance out wide shoulders. You can even accessorise your swimwear with a necklace, wrist or ankle bracelet to give you that more feminine look.

If you’re pear-shaped, aim for detailed tops, and plain bottoms. You want to draw attention to your top half, rather than your bottom area. Again, you can find swimwear like this in the form of: bikini’s, swimming costumes, and bustier sets. You can also buy sculptured swimwear, which does pretty much the same as spanx, pressing in the right areas, and high-waisted bikini bottoms.


When looking for swimwear, just do what you’d do when searching for a dress. Find something that will highlight the best parts of your body, and decrease attention to your least favourite parts.

There is so much selection when it comes to swimwear today, whether you’re browsing the shops, or buying online.

And don’t forget, you also have a choice of sarongs, kimono’s, tunic’s, oversized vests, light fringed cardigans and more for extra coverage.

And one last tip, make sure you check the tags, and don’t get swimwear mixed up with bathing wear like me, and ruin your bikini’s in the water!