The Braille Club


Blurb: Welcome to the Braille Club, where blindfolds are mandatory and members play sensual games of pleasurable endurance. Three couples take part in this exclusive, secret club for very different reasons…with very different results.

Benedict Harrison was a master of detachment…

Benedict’s first experience with the Braille Club changed his life forever when a mysterious woman reawakened his emotions and his passion. He encounters the darkly erotic Siena Waters again, and they begin a tumultuous affair and a business partnership, but what will happen if the true nature of their relationship is discovered?

Gabriella Ballantyne’s marriage is in trouble…

Her husband Max has grown cold, and Gabriella seeks out the Braille Club and its decadent delights in an effort to reawaken their hearts and strengthen their marriage. But when she presents him with his own membership card, she sees only revulsion in his eyes. Gabriella must use everything she’s learned from the club in a last-ditch effort to reconnect with Max and resurrect their love.

Abbey Marshall needs an escape from her cheating husband…

Abbey begins sensory lessons at the Braille Club, hoping it will help her regain control of Steve and prevent his straying. When the unthinkable happens, she is consumed with the need to learn the identity of Steve’s latest mistress. Left reeling and with her sanity in jeopardy, a chance visit from her husband’s former teammate might be her last chance to find the answers she needs.

At the Braille Club, the elite membership walks in the dark in order to find the light…they need to be blind before they can see. They’re ready—are you?

Review: This author’s debut novel is great! Her writing is captivating, completely flawless, and descriptive enough to the point that you feel you’re there. Several couple visit The Braille Club to ignite the passion in their relationships, or out of pure curiosity. The Braille Club itself sounds glamorous, and before every chapter you get a glimpse of the club, and how it works. My favourite couple was obviously the charming and handsome Benedict. I also like Siena, so rooted for their happiness. I disliked Nick, and towards the end, the book gets really gripping, making you desperate to know what happens. AND THEN you’re hit with the ending, and OMG, you WILL want to know what happens!! I’d like to read more about the character’s journeys, but the ones I’d especially like to follow are Benedict and Siana’s, and Abbey and Luke’s, to see where they stand, and I wouldn’t mind hearing more about handsome Guy Walker, and of course, finding out the end result!