The Comeback Girl – Katie Price


Blurb: Once upon a time, Eden had it all; she was one of the most successful young singers in the UK, and the darling of the pop industry. Life couldn’t have been better. But just two years after a sell-out tour, Eden is regarded as a has-been, better known for her drinking and the kiss-and-tell stories that a string of men have sold to the papers.

Desperate to get back in the big time, Eden begins recording a new album with songwriter Jack Steele, a man who drives her crazy for all the wrong reasons. And then she’s asked to be a judge on the TV talent show Band Ambition. It’s just the break she needs and she’s determined not to mess it up, so falling in love with Stevie, a contestant on the show, is probably not a very good idea. But Eden has always followed her heart, and she is sure Stevie is ‘the one’.

But is Eden setting herself up for another fall?

Review: This was an entertaining, light-hearted novel. The characters reminded me of certain celebrities. The main character is hooked on the contestant she’s judging for a singing show, blind to how bad he is for her, and how much her ? actually likes her. Of course, I wanted to read on and see which man she ended up with, and it was great to read behind the scenes of how a music reality show probably runs. Katie’s novels are a nice easy read, a perfect pool-side companion.