The Dead Survive – Lori Whitwam

loriReview: *I was gifted a copy of the book for an honest review.*

I’ll start by saying that I really enjoyed this book. It kept me hooked for sure, and I finished in just a few short hours. When I started the book I wasn’t aware that it was a novella, so I was disappointed with the lack of characterization, storytelling, and zombies. I figured there would be more action involved, and more dialogue, but the story is mainly told from the main character, Ellen’s thought processes. I felt like I didn’t really get a chance to grow a connection to any of the characters, which made me not really care what happened to them which isn’t good for a story of this nature. Lori has an interesting writing style that I liked, but sometimes I wished she would go more into depth in certain scenes. Overall I’d give the book 3/5 stars, but I was also very impressed by the lack of editorial errors so I gave it a 4/5 overall. I’m hoping that when I read the next story I will establish a better connection between the characters since it is a novel. I feel like this story didn’t reach its full potential since it was meant as a novella.