The Girl With Hearts –

hearts1Review: This story broke my heart!

Henrik is the ultimate player and not just on the ice! Tryign to balance the image that the team want and the bevvy of puck bunnies lining up at his door, Henrik is stressed. It doesn’t help when the one girl he wanted more with shows up on his doorstep with her heart set on revenge against her ex.

Lelia thought she just wanted one night. One night would make it all go away – the years of wishing and wanting and dreaming. But one night would never be enough. After showing up on Henrik’s doorstep and convincing him it’s a good idea, she cashes in her V card.

But life can never be simple. Lelia’s best friend is Drew, Henrik’s brother. Henrik’s best friend and roommate on the road is Austin, Lelia’s overprotective big brother. Hiding their growing attraction and emotions is going to be a challenge that neither saw coming.

Savannah has done a brilliant job dragging you into Henrik’s and Lelia’s world making their problems your problems.  With an ending you didn’t see coming, this book reminds us what is really important in life.

I hope there is book 2 coming soon, because I ‘d love to see what Savannah does with Drew!