The Seduction Of Mallory McKenzie

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00036]The invisible connecting cord was completely entwined around our bodies, binding us together. I had no inclination to disentangle from him. If anything I wanted to pull him even closer. I wanted to be so close that I was part of him. –Mallory McKenzie Mallory McKenzie is newly single after a heartbreaking divorce, when she collides with publishing magnate Kellen Pierce; breathtakingly handsome, charming and enigmatic. The dispirited Mallory is blindsided by her passionate feelings for this man and, regardless of his puzzling boundaries, realizes that she deeply desires him. Kellen is unable to resist Mallory’s allure, intellect and drive. He reveals his seductive intentions to her, but must navigate around his rules in order to win her affections.

Stunned by her attraction to Kellen’s mysterious and complex ways, Mallory attempts to break through the walls around his heart. Despite his great stature in the world, and enormous wealth, Kellen is burdened by a secret from his past that prevents him from embracing true intimacy. Yet when the couple’s passion burns red hot, they become entangled in a deeply erotic affair, leading Kellen to relinquish his restrictive rules, letting Mallory explore her carnal fantasies while finding the way into his heart.

Seductive, erotic and engaging, The Seduction of Mallory McKenzie is a romantic journey that will keep you enthralled, aroused and spellbound. This book is for adult eyes only.


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