Trip to Barcelona – 2013.


Before I went home to England, me and my other half spent a day in Barcelona. It was the 23rd December and I was extremely pleased that it didn’t rain 😀 We were given great seats on the plane (plenty of extra room) and the flight was pleasant. Barcelona was a beautiful City, so many nice buildings to look at, especially the old buildings. I couldn’t believe how busy it was though, (reminded me of London.) We went shopping in Corte Ingles which is a huge shopping centre with all the well-known brands. We went shopping in Las Ramblas. The Christmas decorations were up everywhere which was pretty. There were many human statutes lined along the street, which performed if you paid them. I saw Caesar, The Mask, and a bronzed King statute. In the summer there are many more if you Google it (:

We walked around sightseeing, checking out the stadium where bull fights used to take place, many ancient statues, buildings and the enormous church, Sagradia Familia! It has been there for thousands of years, and considering it was hand-made it’s massively impressive! It attracted a lot of tourists.

We also explored different parts of Barcelona by using the tube. We didn’t have time to visit the Barcelona Football Stadium, however footballer Cesc Fabregas rode past us on a bike!

I really enjoyed Barcelona. If you like exploring, sightseeing, architecture, eating out and different culture, then you will like it too.

I hope to visit Madrid soon and the little Island, Formentera.




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