Turning A Friendship Into Something More


So, you have a friend, which you happen to fancy. What can you do to get out of the ‘friends zone?’ You want them to see you in a different light, and find you appealing.

You need to change the way that they see you, and your friendship. You need to stop being readily available as a friend, being there at their beck and call, and discussing topics that only friends would. Become a bit more distant, playing hard to get, and letting them know that you have other plans, with other people. This may make them chase you.

Discuss more personal subjects such as: feelings, what their type is / ideal partner, questions about their past relationships to get an idea of what they’re looking for.

Change the way that you act around them. Dress to impress. Invite them on a night out, and choose an outfit which they’re not used to seeing you in.

Flirt with them, and drop subtle hints that you fancy them. Sometimes, people can be clueless, and you need to show them how you feel.

Maybe making a bold move such as taking hold of their hand, sitting closer than usual, however be sure to look for their reaction, whether they seem pleased, or uncomfortable.

Try hinting that you need a date for a certain event and see if they’re willing to accompany you.

If all else fails, be bold, take the risk, and tell them that you like them, and if they ever see your friendship developing into something more.

You need to be strong enough to face possible rejection.

If they’re up for giving it a go, think carefully about taking it to the next level. If it doesn’t work out, you may lose your friend.