Union Of Sin – Eden Summers


He’ll do anything to protect her. Even if it means letting her go.

Vault of Sin, Book 2

Tate Jackson made a big mistake. No, a monumental one. He picked the wrong place to introduce his wife, Cassie, to the alluring lifestyle they’d fantasized about.

Instinct told him to get her out of the poor excuse for a sex club—but he didn’t. And she was assaulted because of his carelessness. He’ll do anything to protect her from another traumatic experience, even if it means making the agonizing choice to convince his wife he no longer loves her.

Cassie’s not buying it. In fact, Tate is the last person she blames for that horrific night. She’s willing to give him the space he thinks he needs to get his head straight, but when divorce papers arrive, she realizes she’s out of time.

She has twenty-eight days to figure out why Tate is ruining a perfect marriage. Twenty-eight days to figure out what he’s hiding. But when she learns the truth, she has to decide if her heart can take the strain of piecing their love back together.

Review: This was the first book I read from Eden Summers, and I may have found myself a new fave author! One of the reasons being because her writing is flawless. It’s descriptive, nicely paced and captivating. Another reason is her characters. Each of them are so unique, and extremely like-able, even Brute, who I can’t yet figure out. The cover is also stunning. Anyway, back to the plot. TJ and Cassie are going through a divorce, due to TJ’s guilt-ridden feelings about the past, and the fact that he let Cassie down. He also doesn’t want her involved in his professional life (the sex club he has a share in). Neither of them really want their marriage to end, and neither did we as readers, as they seemed so well suited. If you’re looking to try out a new author, find a new series, or read a story where you’ll be rooting for the characters, these are the books for you. – Lifestyle & Literature.