Villa’s, Beaches, Partying – 2013.

Hey all!Β (: Hope you’re all good!

Did someone steal our sun?! :/ Last week for the first time this year we had rain! *Hand over face* Thundering and lightning for a whole week!

However, the sun is now back and I’ve been sunbathing by the beach, the pool out back and the villa again. Bliss! I overdone it today though and burnt and sore! (Self inflicted, serves me right.)

Have done a lil bit of partying on the West End strip, no major clubs lately.

I’m sad to say that the season is slowly coming to an end. I’m absolutely gutted! It’s getting quieter, however the closing parties are at the end of September which will be amazing! Then, the season is over. The Ibiza workers will pack their stuff & fly home to England, America, Australia, or wherever to live a normal life.

Not me though! I’m staying put! (:

So, i’ll be in Ibiza again for the winter and continuing to blog about it, how the Spanish celebrate Xmas, the street festivals and so on…. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet πŸ˜€

I’m going on a little holiday next week to Romania!! I can’t wait! Will go sightseeing and take pics. Will be stopping off at Milan, so hope to check it out, and I’ll be visiting Madrid for a week in November time.

So, I may have missed the music festivals in England such as Global Gathering and Creamfields but c’mon, I started going there in 2007 and have been about 4 times, soooo, I think I very much prefer the nights out in Ibiza.

I’d love to know what has been your highlights of this year.

Check back next week for posts on Romania.



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