Waking Up Black – Sara Schoen

sara2Review: *Gifted a copy for an honest review!*
I thought that this was a pretty interesting novel. I like the way that the suspense constantly built up throughout the book until we finally found out the final piece to the puzzle. I was definitely left guessing who was behind it all, and why Chelsea and Maddie had been targeted. The storyline was slow at times when Chelsea was trying to regain her memory, but as an author myself I understand how that was necessary to the development of the story. I do believe that some of the aspects about Chelsea’s amnesia were not believable; For example, it was unrealistic to me how Chelsea was able to remember large words like “audacity”, “accusation”, and how to use “humor” properly, but struggles with the word “news”, and other small words. Overall, I was able to establish a connection with the characters and I found myself gripping the book at the end and practically yelling in my head to Chelsea once I had guessed who the ‘unsub’ was. I have read nearly all of the books by this author, and this was by far my favorite, which says a lot considering how much I have enjoyed her other books. It’s obvious how her writing style has grown, and I will be looking for more from her in the future. She has a knack for mystery, so hopefully she is working on more novels for that particular genre.