We’ve Always Got New York – Jill Knapp 



Blurb: The second book in Jill Knapp’s fabulous series about dating in New York picks up after Amalia Hastings returns to Manhattan from her trip to Brazil – and finds that life has indeed gone on without her.

Fresh off the plane, Amalia’s feeling anxious and unresolved; left alone to pick up the pieces and deal with the repercussions of choosing her own path over Michael.

Without an apartment, without a job, and starting to wonder if she’s even without a best friend, she finds herself holding on tightly to the one thing she is familiar with, New York City.

Sometimes you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be…

Review: This book is a great girly read, which fans of Lindsey Kelk would love. It follows the college years and love lives of New Yorkers / Manhattan-ites. The main character Amalia finds herself caught up in a love triangle with Michael and Hayden. The novel gave me an insight into life in New York, where I desperately want to visit. This novel is a continuation of Jill’s first book, and just as entertaining. And what a stunning cover!