When To Call It A Day


Sometimes, we may love a person; however that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right for us.

Some relationships can become suffocating, negative, and make you unhappy. The best way to decide whether to call your relationship a day is to write a list of the positive things that your relationship brings, and the negative things. Weigh up the pro’s and con’s. Which list is the longest? Which points are more important? A list should help you in deciding which action to take.

If your partner is constantly criticising you, nagging you, controlling you, being abusive in any way, affecting your self esteem, or preventing you from being happy, or succeeding in life, then they may not be right for you.

When someone truly loves you, they support you, and help you.

Look at whether you have more happy or unhappy times. Conflict and fighting now and then is normal, a destructive relationship on the other hand, isn’t.

If your sex life has completely gone downhill, try and find out the reason for this. Is it more than just a dry spell? Has one of you stopped desiring the other? Or is it issues within yourself?

If you find yourself bored most of the time, or noticing how attractive other people are, perhaps you have gone off, or starting to go off your partner, or simply looking for more.

Picking fights is another major sign that something is completely wrong. Why would you want to distress the person you love, or make them unhappy?

If you avoid future plans, this could be a sign that you are hoping that it will soon come to an end, or have no faith in the relationship lasting.

Again, sit down, and have a long think about what is best for you both.