Wives v Girlfriends – Katie Agnew



Blurb: Glamour model Jasmine has risen from an unfortunate background – and is now getting married to premiership soccer player Jimmy. But Jimmy is having trouble controlling himself when he drinks, someone is blackmailing her about a shameful secret from her past and her godfather Charlie has his own troubles running from his ex’s powerful underworld father. Meanwhile her next-door neighbour, actress Lila, is worried that her age and fading beauty is making her Oscar-nominated husband Brett play away. Lila’s friend, Maxi, is three times divorced but still desperate to get another ring on her finger – this time courtesy of her older Latin lover, singer Carlos. Then there is Grace, who as a journalist, wants to get to the bottom of all their stories. Set between London and Marbella in Spain, this mixes glamour with a dark plot that will keep you guessing to the end.

Review: I purchased this book, and found myself wanting to know what happened. It begins with a flashback, which continues throughout the story, making you guessing which character it relates to. It’s a sassy, glam read full of celebs, and the rich and famous. One of the main characters Jasmine was very likeable, and you do find yourself hoping she has a happy ending. What I liked most about this book is that is was realistic for chick-lit, whereby you can imaging the characters acting the way they do, and saying the things they do in real life, which is a big factor for me. I’m a fan of Katie Agnew books, and enjoyed this read.