KC Rice

KRICE3K.C. Rice Author-Artist.

Considers herself “just a simple country girl” born and raised in Frankfort, KY. She enjoys the simplest things in life; Family, walks, a cool summer breeze, brilliant colors of autumn, tranquil sounds of a waterfall, and laughter.

Spending time in front of a blank canvas, is her first love. Allowing her paints and brush to tell the story. Though she has sold many of her paintings, she says her greatest reward is the look on the recipients face when she gives one as a gift.

Just recently she began sharing her imagination in creative writing, Enjoying putting to print the characters and their thoughts. Her preferred genres: Romance, Suspense, Erotica and Mystery.

Excited to become a member of The Erotic Authors Guild,

Her passion, to help readers escape through her stories, even if for a short time.


1.Can you tell us about your most recent book? My most recent book released is Kaycee’s Tattered Spirit, book one of Tattered Series. Book two, Reconciled, is in the final stages of revisions and hopefully will be live by May first.

2.Where did you get your inspiration from for this book?  A recurring dream, the characters and their story just refused to be ignored. I began writing the story in March of 2015 and it was published and live in October 2015.

3.How do you come up with your hot male character/s? Are they based on anyone you know or purely fictional? The hot male character in Kaycee’s Tattered Spirit is actually a real person, his demeanor, personality, and need for control was exactly as I needed Mason ( the main male character) to portray. The other sexy hot male characters are fictitious.

4.What advice would you give an aspiring author when it comes to writing a good erotic scene? The do’s and don’t.  Actually I have been mentoring a few young authors who’ve been trying their hand in erotica.

I found their biggest mistake was constantly using the names of their characters in every aspect. Reminding them to use other nouns- (he, she, him, his, her, they.)  adds more personality and is more personable. That though the hot steamy sex scenes are pinnacle to the story… it’s just a sleazy sex book. Substance is key to a good story regardless of its genre. Be creative in writing the scenes, in order to make them realistic and to help your readers enjoy the ‘feel’ of the romance, fire, passion and excitement. You as the author must be able to feel that as you write, so place yourself in the scenes… write your fantasy and allow your characters to live it out.

5.Share no more than two paragraphs of a spicy scene from one of your books with the readers. Dropping to her knees, her mouth anxious to taste him. The pearl of precum glistening atop his gorgeous head, swiping her tongue across it, feeling his dick jerk in response, sending a thrill straight through her. Her heart beats faster as the heat builds, pooling in her core, her panties moist and her pussy quivering. Her nipples harden, tingling for attention as she lowers her mouth to him, slowly taking him inch by glorious inch. He’s bigger than she’s ever had, deliciously stretching her mouth wide to fit over the girth, the burn in her lips as they stretch, surprisingly turning her on even more as the head of his cock hits the back of her throat. Her gag reflex kicking in, as she breathes slowly through her nose, and relaxes her throat to take more of him. Mason’s breathing quickens and his cock thickens, her mouth waters, saliva dripping down her chin. Starting off slowly, she soon begins to ramp it up a bit as she works him harder- faster, swirling her tongue around his head, causing his moans to get louder, his breathing faster, “Kaycee, you better stop baby,” he hisses as he tries to pull away.

6.Do you ever get shy about people you know reading your erotic romance novels? If yes, do you have advice for others in respect of overcoming this? At first, I did. Some people were very judgemental and it hurt… but I soon decided if you can’t handle it,,,, don’t read it.

7.Name 5 of your favourite erotic romance novels. (Series by the same author are classed as 1.)

Fifty Shades- E.L.James

Beautiful Mess Series- TK Leigh

Claimed- KR Smith

Masters at Arms- Kallypso Masters

The Cartel Series- Summer Ellis

8.Name 4 of your favourite erotic romance book covers.

Kaycee’s Tattered Spirit (of course)

Masters Arms & Nobody’s Angel- Kallypso Masters

Crossing Her Boundaries- Dylan Cross

Gorgeous Chaos- TK Leigh

9.Name 4 must-see sexy movies with sizzling chemistry and hot scenes.

Oh wow, I don’t normally have time to watch movies-I love – PS I Love You

10.Lastly, choose two characters from your most recent book and complete their profiles. Let the readers get to know them.

Female character:

Name: Kaycee Daniels

Good qualities: honest, passionate, real, personable, a survivor

Bad qualities: no self-confidence, insecure,

Turn ons: deep voice, hairy chests, confidence, alpha male, honesty, compassion, emerald green eyes that pierce to the soul.

Turn offs; fake, egotistical assholes


Male character:

Name: Mason Malone

Good qualities: domineering, strong, determined a survivor.

Bad qualities: trouble showing compassion, true feelings, letting his guard down and allow someone to love him

Turn ons: long auburn hair, brown eyes, southern accent, and truthfulness

Turn offs: lies, mind games