Detours In Our Destination Party!


Join in the Detours in Our Destinations Anthology release party on Aug 19 -21st! This anthology to inspire and help others has been organised by Jennifer Roche. Many talented authors have written stories.

Below are the pre-order links and event links.


Hope & healing are integral emotions required to allow an individual to overcome extreme circumstances allowing the human body to reset itself back on its path in life. We may have a life plan laid out ahead of time in our minds, but sometimes unexpected changes occur causing our paths to take a Detour In Our Destinations! When we follow these new routes down life’s road, the experiences we encounter turn out to be rewarding, and meaningful. Slowly our bodies adjust to this change in destination, allowing our lives to become more fulfilled!

Detours In Our Destinations Anthology is comprised of 13 short stories and original poetry created by various indie authors who have joined together to create an anthology to inspire hope and healing in families that have been affected by child loss at any age. Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the non-profit organization 3Hopeful Hearts, which creates programs for these grieving families to further support the healing process. The idea behind this anthology was created by Author Jennifer L. Roche who wanted to create a living legacy to commemorate all the children and babies that had been lost throughout the years. As a mother who had lost three babies she never got to hold herself, Jennifer wanted a special way to let the world know that her children had been here and left an everlasting footprint in her life. She knew there must be other women and men that felt her pain when it came to the loss of their angel babies. Since Jennifer was an author, she felt that creating an anthology to forever memorialize the hope and optimism found despite having lost her babies would benefit others. She set about searching out fellow authors that would want to partake in this special anthology. Jennifer would be writing for this anthology, but she would also be the creator of the anthology she decided to name Detours In Our Destinations, which she would publish through her company Rainbows of Happiness LLC.

Authors participating in this anthology are dedicated to helping make a positive impact in the lives of others. The short stories & poetry in Detours In Our Destinations are all written to be inspirational, emotionally poignant pieces of literature. This anthology will have you feeling the emotional struggles each character overcomes, while simultaneously reaching for your tissues to dry your tears. The purpose behind creating Detours In Our Destinations is to display stories about people that positively impact the lives of others despite dealing with personal setbacks. Many of the authors choose to use stories of their own personal struggles in life to help the readers realize that dreams are still possible to achieve despite the obstacles you encounter in life. That one should never give up hope and continue to defy the odds by staying true to themselves and believing they can accomplish their dreams! I believe sharing heartfelt stories such as these is what helps set Detours In Our Destinations apart from most anthologies. It allows the readers to see the vulnerability of authors and view them as “real” people. In this sense Detours In Our Destinations is an anthology that creates optimism and incites a spark of hope in the hearts of all those who need something to help them in their journey of life! This is a feel-good anthology rich with emotion. Are you ready to join us in an amazing Detour? We’re waiting for you! 😊

Detours Co- creators: Author Jennifer L. Roche – CEO Rainbows of Happiness LLC Author Terrie Meerschaet -Indie Editing Services

Contributors to Detours In Our Destinations: Author Jennifer L. Roche, Author Terrie Meerschaet, Author Carmen Alicea, Author Alicea Cole, Author Debbie Dickinson, Author Mary Anne Edwards, Author Andrew Hess, Author Cathy Jackson, Author Terra James, Author Bella Jeanisse, Author Tessa McFionn, Author D.A. Roach, Author Aimee Shayee, Promotions assistant : Amanda M. Jensen

We are throwing a fabulous #threedaynewbookreleaseextravaganzablowout party on Aug 19-Aug 21 on Facebook, to launch Detours In Our Destinations into the world! We would love to have as many #friends, #family, and #supporters at our #event as possible! We have a wonderful #authorlineup for the three days along with fabulous #giveaways including #paperbacks #swag #ebooks, #Amazongc, and more! Don’t forget about our #Rafflecopterof28Harlequinpaperbacks! One lucky winner!

#EventlinkforDetoursInOurDestinationsExtravaganzaBlowout! :

#Detours Facebook Facebook pg:


**Remember Proceeds from the sale of our anthology go to the non-profit organization 3Hopeful Hearts to aid in helping families affected by child loss so please take that into consideration


The website for the nonprofit organization the the anthology is donating it’s sales to is



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